Blogging Prompt : Favorite Mistake


In response to today’s Blogging 101 task. To pick a prompt and write about it.

Favorite Mistake Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better?

It was probably a mistake to defy my parents and work in a record store. Too bad for them it was a lifelong dream. My uncle used to take me to record stores in Pacific Beach during the summers. We’d listen to music and browse the albums for hours. What 9 year old can look through albums for hours? This one. I was born a music junkie and I’ll die a music junkie and in between I will love to thumb through records and spend nearly every waking moment of my life with music playing in the background. (FYI I am at this moment listening to Coin – Run)

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Target acquisition. Target locked.

Because my initial day 4 post, ‘finding your target audience’ sort of devolved into me rambling about Mr. Rogers, I figured I’d make a second post *gasp* on the subject.generation-x

Ideally my target group has a sense of humor or can at least identify humor when it’s presented, much like sarcasm. If you cannot understand sarcasm (like my youngest brother) you will probably not appreciate anything I write.  I don’t think age or cultural reference point is very important, but you will need to realize that I have a pretty fixed point of reference.  I love to see and hear the world from someone else’s perspective, but mine is fairly set.

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First Day Introductions

I never recall having to make them in grade school but somehow when I got to college I found myself having to give a short spiel about who I am to classmates. I loathe the elevator introductions. My urge is to quickly rattle off some inane factoids about myself that rival the Dos Equis ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ commercials, or to overshare and spend the semester as “that girl”.

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