Writing 101 – Why do you write?

Why do you write?

I started writing as a child because I didn’t like the stories being told. One of my first ‘long stories’ (as I called them) was the origin story of the characters on a TV cartoon I loved. The TV show never addressed how the unlikely group got together or where they originated, perhaps it was something the writers were going to address later but never did, but I felt compelled to write their story.

The next long story I wrote was a crazy dystopian future story that was heavily influenced by the cold war and the threat of World War III (it even had Nazis). I wasn’t trying to create a better reality, I think I was more trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario.

I write now because I have something to say. I write this blog as a warm-up, the daily stretch on my novel writing marathon training. To stay in the habit, to ensure I’m moving forward and staying in practice.

There are so many stories to be told, so many ideas yet to see born on page (or on screen).

I write because I feel compelled to write.

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  1. Kelli, I don’t think I ever heard someone say they write because they didn’t like the stories they were being told. That’s great! You have a unique perspective and I can’t wait to read more. Also the design of your blog is amazing.

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  2. You had me at writing for “as a warm-up, the daily stretch on my novel writing marathon training.” I can totally relate with that. It gets difficult at times and there are things to do but at no cost writing for the story close to our heart should suffer. Good luck with your novel. Look forward to your blogs and your novel. Cheers :)

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  3. I write because I didn’t like the stories being told.
    A unique perspective – and it’s so different from what I read on the sites of other authors. But you are right – when a story leaves unanswered questions, we all experience a certain discomfort. We don’t do anything about it though. You did – and that’s why you write.

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  4. Well, it took some doing, but I finally found your “boots” and clicked on ’em. I want to specifically respond to “I write because…” and no other blog site. This is crazy stuff!! Thanks for liking what I wrote this am…I think it was a “like” and not a comment. I still have my first piece of writing. I was in the 7th grade. My assignment was to explain the mythical origin of a constellation. I wrote it in white ink on black paper. I haven’t read it for some time but as I remember, it wasn’t great, BUT it was a beginning…

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  5. I feel you. As a child and teen, I was never reflected as a possibility in the characters so I now write with diversity/ethinicity in mind. And I once wrote a short story sequel to Jeckyll and Hyde in college where the professor ended giving me a good grade AFTER he wrapped his head around how I interpreted his assignment… :/

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