Target acquisition. Target locked.

Because my initial day 4 post, ‘finding your target audience’ sort of devolved into me rambling about Mr. Rogers, I figured I’d make a second post *gasp* on the subject.generation-x

Ideally my target group has a sense of humor or can at least identify humor when it’s presented, much like sarcasm. If you cannot understand sarcasm (like my youngest brother) you will probably not appreciate anything I write.  I don’t think age or cultural reference point is very important, but you will need to realize that I have a pretty fixed point of reference.  I love to see and hear the world from someone else’s perspective, but mine is fairly set.

Common themes and references are US based pop culture. However, since I love the music that Britain has produced since ohh 1964, there will be some influence there. I am a Gen-X’er.  I tell you this so you understand my frame of reference and not as a challenge to your own generation.  Besides, the generational thing is not like a bloody horoscope, I hate to think that anyone is so inflexible that they can’t understand, empathize or appreciate those before and after them. I have had great friends and lovers of other generations who have added immeasurably to my life.   So, here’s my bit about these generations, please note that my emphasis is more cultural than literal US Census based demographics.

After the end of WWII the US had a HUGE increase in births, these children are called ‘Baby Boomers‘ or ‘Boomers’.  They came of age in the 50’s and 60’s, the first generation to have rock and roll.  They were the first generation of children who grew up watching TV. They were responsible for everything from Woodstock to computers,  they paved the way in so many ways. They were also the generation of The Vietnam War.  They watched the Space Program evolve from an idea to a man on the moon, they lived through integration and equal rights and they also watched the President murdered in broad daylight on a Dallas street.

Born starting in the midst of The Vietnam War, Generation X was originally called the ‘Baby Bust’ because of the large decline in birth rate from the previous generations. We grew up with TV, with distrust of politicians (hello Watergate), we were the first generation with MTV and computers. We came of age during the Cold War, where the threat of World War III was omnipresent, political unrest was a constant, from US hostages in Iran and a divided Germany to the bombings of cafes and the bloodshed of civilians. We may be optimistic but we grew up seeing enough horrors to be a bit more pragmatic and realistic than the generations we’re sandwiched between.

My writer’s voice is reflective of my generation, my experience, my hope, and my humor. I don’t have any answers, but I do really like asking the questions.  In truth I’m not particularly interested in figuring out the Baby Boomers, after all we were interns into their world. We grew up in the culture, the society they helped create, we’ve added our own flair, but I think it’s the Millennials that are setting the pace now.

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  1. Once again- purely amazing! I find you funny, and love your writing voice!! Truth be told, we do learn from all of the other generations, it’s sad more of the young bucks don’t care to open up and learn from the past generations.

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  2. I love your voice in your writing, and I do think your writing is funny. I liked what you wrote about Mr. Rogers and connecting it to the blogging community. I’m a part of Generation Y, which is right after yours, and I’ve found that although we have different cultural markers we all learn from other generations.


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