I LOVED Mr. Rogers!


Day 3 of blogging 101 and it’s time to meet the neighbors (or neighbours for you non-US folks).

Firstly, I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know this group through your posts and your comments.  I really appreciate how supportive this little community is, and I’m frankly a little embarrassed by how fast my attitude has changed from “I’m just writing this blog for myself” to “omg comments!  weeee!  I LOOOOVE comments!”.  I swear to blog I’ll not attention whore myself… much. Writers do love feedback though and I really am trying to make more of an effort to comment (and reply). My problem is I’m a lurker.  There, I’ve said it.

I realized my lurker tendencies early on, I’m the oldest, not youngest child so I don’t really crave the limelight, I’m the one slogging along just doing my own thing, content to let someone else get the attention.  So in a social situation I’ll stand around with the good conversation and every now and then chime in. Here on the interwebs I end up being the person whose been around for a long time but doesn’t have the ‘post count’ that others do.  I promise to my WordPress Blogging 101 neighbors I’ll try to interact more.

SO… on to neighborhoods and reader feeds.  I have added a few things that interest me to my feed and am excited to  find more.  I’ve added “New Wave” because child of the 80’s I am, I need it.  I added “Orphan  Black” because I’m totally addicted to this show and can’t get enough.  I’ve also added “playlist”  I know I’ll have to do a bit of filtering on that because as much as I support music in general and I’m glad people are making it and listening to it, there is so much of it I just can’t stand.  I’ve added “Book Reviews” because I spent 5+ years working in a bookstore and I like to stay on top of what people are reading and I really like pretending I’ll ever have time to read books (whether it’s the ones filling my bookcases or new ones I’ll buy and add to the growing stacks).  I’m liking the  “Explore Topics” tag cloud.  I’m sure I’ll find and add more tags from there.  Plus  I am shamelessly stealing other people’s reader feed tags to check out your cool ideas!

I did actually really love Mr. Rogers. Something about his cardigan sweaters, soft voice and kind eyes.  I am grateful beyond words that he didn’t turn out to be a drug addict, pedophile, wife beater or some other awful thing that would shatter my childhood into a thousand shards of cynicism.

15 thoughts on “I LOVED Mr. Rogers!

  1. I too LOVED Mr. Rogers!! And I am not ashamed to say that I am also a lurker and get a certain thrill when I realize that strangers from around the world are actually hearing what I have to say, because I also know what it’s like to be the eldest of siblings so sometimes I forget what that attention can actually do to inspire you! Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your future posts :)

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  3. Another great blog – “I swear to blog” – and I’m now dead jealous of all your likes and comments – I can go off someone quite quickly you know LOL (although that has just given me an idea for a blog….) As our time zones are so differrent I’ll be blogging later today (at work at moment and I think boss is getting suspicious, ssshh) but will continue to be inspired by your writing. Oh and who or what was Mister Rogers?

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    • Greg, we should start a support group of “people who star” where we could help each other find new ways to comment. I think my problem is I always worry my comment sounds really insipid or just plain lame.

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      • That’s a great thought ;)

        I understand, especially about feeling like I sound lame – or repetitive. One blogger I follow doesn’t have the star and I finally commented on a piece that I loved and mentioned I wished he had the like option. He replied he removed it to make people put in a little more effort; if they really did like the post they’d comment. He might be onto something there!

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