What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

I’m almost embarrassed to say I own over 20 domain names, all of them started with some great idea for a blog or website which eventually lost steam. All of them started as some clever idea, something I found appealing, few of them have turned into anything more than parked domains. Ask any marketing guru and they’ll tell you your domain name is but one part of the marketing juggernaut that helps to sell YOU, your brand.

How do you ‘brand’ yourself? 

It’s almost offensive to me, the idea of ‘branding’, to be marked as property, to sell oneself as a commodity.  Sure it’s a different emphasis in marketing but there is a core element of truth to that.

My domain should grab your attention, appeal to you enough that you want to read what I have to say or buy what I have to sell. I should be unique and reflective of me or my style.  But hey, don’t be too serious, have FUN with it.

This is why I don’t work in marketing. I have no idea how to brand myself.  I know what I thought was clever and appealed to me, how on earth would I know what will appeal to my target audience and by the way who IS my target audience?!  I realize kelliblogs.com isn’t that clever, and as I mentioned in my about me page my tagline is subject to change (hell I should probably change it right now to ‘subject to change’).  It’s the best I could come up with at the time.

Here are a few domains (titles) and their former taglines that I failed to use to the best of their ability.  For the moment they all point here.

oldgoth.com : Old Goths don’t die, they just move to the suburbs

talkingdirtytomyself.com : Because no one else wants to hear it

marriedageek.com : Now it gets down and nerdy

19 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Yep I am with all of them above…I didn’t get past your blog name and tag with out a little laugh out loud. So you hooked me and then I took the line and sinker with your post so, not just in the spirit of collecting 5 blogs to follow on day 3 of blogging 1010, but because your post has created a spark of interested have hit that follow button and look forward to reading more :-) cheers Heid

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  2. I like your title — it’s straightforward. As someone who owns a bunch of domain names, I feel you!! Perhaps you’ll figure it all out and I’ll follow your lead. Here’s to the journey.

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  3. I love your posts, really! I find them so relate-able and authentically entertaining. You are one of those people I could talk to at a coffee shop for hours! Keep them coming!!

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    • Thank you so much. Someday I’m going to have to learn your secret of finding amazing graphics! I can’t wait to see your next posts


      • I try to take most of my pictures myself, but some I keep locked away in a fancy vault that requires retinas scans and such…or just google, yeah. google.

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  4. Hahaha, you are funny! Kelliblogs is not too bad though, it’s simple but it’s what it is right? And I love your tagline! In fact I wish I’d thought of that. And your tagline wouldn’t work without your blog name. So don’t beat yourself up about it. ;) The other domin names were pretty terrible though, hahaha! See you round :)


  5. I enjoyed this it made me laugh! I am studying online biz, websites, the whole enchilda…….I get hung up on names and don’t get anything else done! I like those domains’ taglines too! Happy trails bloggin’!


  6. This is such an excellent post. I had to laugh at you owning 20 domain names!
    I really like Kelliblogs and you tag line is absolutely perfect! Look forward to following you.


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